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At Sport Couture, sparkle is our favorite color. We create branded apparel and accessories crafted with glam. We’ll bring your custom logo to life, and give it that extra pizzazz sure to earn a double take.
Look good. Feel good. Sparkle more.

Logo Embellishments

c stones


korean rhinestones

Korean Rhinestone

Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski Crystals





acrylic stones

Acrylic Stones

neon studs

Neon Studs

Sequin Spangles

Sequin Spangles

Round Stud

Round Stud








Frequently Asked Questions

  • Apparel Items
    • 24 pieces on the custom logo
    • 12 pieces on the apparel items within the 24 MOQ for the logo, i.e. you can do 2 different styles of apparel items within the 24 MOQ on the logo
      • 6-piece minimum on a color within the 12 pieces, i.e. 6 black tees and 6 white tees
  • Accessory Items
    • 12 pieces on the custom logo
    • 6 pieces on the accessory items within the 12 MOQ for the logo, I.e. You can do 2 different accessory items within the 12 MOQ on the logo
  • Turnaround time on artwork is 48-72 hours.
  • Turnaround time on custom orders is 2 weeks from artwork approval.
  • Rush orders available for an additional cost.
Since every item is custom based on your needs, we like to provide both a custom logo embellished artwork price separate from the price of the apparel or accessory item. That way if you really want a show stopping logo, you can keep the price a bit lower by offering it on a basic budget friendly tee or vice versa!
Yes, we charge an artwork set-up fee of $25 per custom logo.
Shipping costs are not included in the price. The shipping cost is $1 per apparel or accessory item in addition to the cost of the item.
Yes, we can either bring your vision to life or come up with some great options for you. We love to collaborate with our clients to come up with some great branded apparel/accessory items!
We can definitely produce a great looking custom embellished logo item on a budget! Contact us at sparklesupport@sportcoutureapparel.com and we can collaborate with you to come up with some ideas.
We accept TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and EPS files of your logo.
See Logo Embellishment Color Charts.
  • Rhinestones
    • C-Stone
    • Korean Rhinestone
    • Chi-Korean Rhinestone
    • Swarovski Crystals
  • Rhinestuds
  • Nailheads
  • Acrylic Stones
  • Neon Stones
  • Sequin Spangles
  • Half Round Studs
  • Pyramids
  • Glitter
  • Foil
Send us your artwork and your vision and we will collaborate with you to come up with creative ideas that fit within your budget. We love working with our clients to create some great apparel and accessory options.
The sizing will vary based on the item, but we can give you a really good idea on how the item will fit and we can provide size samples as well. Samples will be charged at the price of the apparel or accessory item plus shipping. We offer Juniors, Women’s, Children’s and Toddler’s sizes and most of the items are pretty true to size within it’s category. It’s important to understand if you are purchasing a Junior’s size versus a Women’s size as the Junior’s size will fit much smaller.
If you don’t see what you like or need on our website, there are tons of options available on apparel, backpacks and accessories, so let us source it for you!
Yes, we would be happy to provide size samples. These samples will be charged at the price of the apparel or accessory item plus shipping. If the samples are returned, your order will be credited on your order for the price of those samples.
Our apparel, accessory items and logos are made with the highest quality materials, and with proper care, they will last a very long time and continue to look good! We recommend hand or delicate wash, line dry to care for your items.
Yes, we absolutely can provide you with an online store! We will build a store with your custom logo items and include them in a link that you can provide your staff, students, moms or friends. If you would like this option, please contact us at sparklesupport@sportcoutureapparel.com and we can collaborate on pulling your custom online store together as well as provide any additional information needed.
Yes, we can do rhinestone car decals and will provide a custom quote for you based on your needs.

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